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Autism Sensory Board


Autism Sensory Board


All our Autism Sensory Boards are made out of the highest quality of natural materials. All doors, frames, blocks are wooden; a base is from plywood 8 mm; paintings and signs on the blocks are engraved, latches, and metal parts were chosen for the best face in the same colour. We use eco-friendly paints that are resistant to water.

Dimensions: 20×15 inches (50×37.5 cm), weight – about 1,5 lb (3 kg).

Main components include: Latches, wheel, telephone receiver, zipper, buttons, personalised blocks, wooden doors, wooden elements, keys, coloured details.

Electrical components include: Multicolour LED lamps, operational switch, and a closed safe box with the battery.

SHIPPING INFO: FREE DELIVERY. Please allow between 4-6 weeks for shipping, as all our Sensory Boards are handcrafted from scratch, and can be personalised to specific themes or interests you wish to request for your child (it may be Disney heroes, animals, cars, etc). Please detail your requests in the additional information field at checkout.