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Autism Inkless & Safe “Clean-Touch” Print Kit


Autism Inkless & Safe “Clean-Touch” Print Kit



Creates A Precious Imprint that Can Be Preserved Forever – Our ink-free handprint and Footprint kits can help you create the adorable imprints you need to capture your baby’s most important early moments.

No-Hassle Inkless Print Kits: These kits consist of 2 x Inkless Ink Pads, 4 x Blank Art Cards for imprints, which provides a quick and easy method that gives you more than one try. You don’t have to worry about wiggling babies spreading ink all over the place.

Skin Safe, Hygeian, Avoid Chemical Infections: These no-mess ink pads provide you a clean, easy, seamless experience. No ink or other residual is left on their feet or hands for the whole imprinting process. Your little ones’ hands and feet do not directly touch the ink. There is no need for soap ,washing, or cleaning up.

Perfect Gift: Recommended for newborns (0-6 months). This is the perfect keepsake for babies and parents.

Easy to Use:

  1. Place the ink pad with the RED LABEL facing downwards.
  2. Then place the art card on a flat surface in front of you, align it with the ink pad.
  3. Firmly holding your baby’s hand or foot, place it onto the back of the ink pad.
  4. Please apply gentle pressure for 5 seconds to ensure you make a good print.


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