Early intervention & Therapy support services

Little Grubbs Explained...

At Little Grubbs Orchard (LGO), we provide Behavioural Support, Occupational Therapy (OT) and Language, Oral Motor & Communication Therapeutic Programs for children and their families, impacted by Neuro-developmental conditions  (such as  Autism / ADHD & Global Development Delay), Disability, Special Needs and challenging Behavioural Issues.



Our Therapy Programs

(will include some or all of the following areas):

Types of Therapy available and their differences

  • Speech therapy focuses on communication and feeding issues.
  • Occupational therapy focuses on mastering activities of daily living.
  • Behavioural Support / ABA therapy focuses on changing social and learning environments, and encompasses communication and life skills acquisition.


Our therapy programs will include:

  • ABA / Behavioural Support & Early Intervention
  • Social-Emotional / Sensory-Processing & Regulation
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive Functioning & Development
  • Language & Communication
  • Physical Therapy, Gross & Fine Motor Development
  • Art Therapy & Crafts
  • Music Therapy
  • Emotional Support Animal Therapy
  • Support Worker Services
  • Self-Care & Functional Independence


  • Our affordable pricing
  • Extended training & operating hours
  • Mobile & remote therapy services
  • Other family members support
  • One-stop-shop
  • Convenient child transportation assistance
  • Commitment, dedication & flexibility for all
  • Our clinic


At Little Grubbs Orchard (LGO), we provide evidence-based therapy support and training services for our families, children, and other business partnerships.  We truly focus on the ability within the disability diagnosis, and are a dedicated and highly specialised and multi-disciplinary team.

Great value for money and exceptional quality of service guaranteed. *Approximately 33% LESS (on average in pricing) compared to the NDIS Pricing Guidelines and majority of our competitors. This in turn, helps our families save money, so they can obtain more therapy, thus maximising their allocated funding that is required for their necessary support. (Please refer to our current NDIS Fee Schedule List for details).


Unlike many other Support Providers (who offer relatively inflexible scheduling hours during weekday hours), we work around our families and their busy schedules...not the other way round, with majority of our therapy sessions are scheduled around parent friendly hours. At Little Grubbs, we also offer extended operating hours during weekday evenings and run a Saturday group-based session (from 10am-2pm).


A diverse range of flexible and holistically approached services tailored to support all our family’s specific needs in one place: 


"...Saving you valuable time which normally would be wasted driving between appointments with different therapy providers.' 


At Little Grubbs Orchard Foundation for Children with Autism (Gold Coast, Queensland) services include, but not limited to:

  • Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)​
  • Positive Behavioural Support
  • Autism Early Intervention
  • Language, Oral Motor & Communication
  • Social-Emotional, Sensory Processing & Self-Regulation
  • Cognitive Functioning, Learning & Development
  • Physical Therapy, Ergonomics, Gross/Fine Motor Development
  • Parent, Family/Sibling(s) Support & Coaching
  • Workplace Training
  • Child Transportation Assistance
  • Self-Care, Hygiene, Toilet Training & Functional Independence


For our family’s convenience and where our children feel most comfortable to get the most optimal outcomes, we offer our services in a variety of different settings including therapy services conducted in:

  • Home & Residential Premises
  • Zoom Therapy Sessions
  • School Classrooms & Other Educational Learning Centres
  • Designated Childcare Centres / Kindergartens (where your child(ren) are currently  enrolled)
  • Remote QLD regions statewide *(Please note, travel costs will occur additional to the scheduled appointment session(s) fees. Contact us on admin@littlegrubborchard.com or pH: 0447 070 824 to discuss further details on availability).


We understand that it’s not only just the individual learner or parents who are directly participating in our programs, that may require training and support, sometimes siblings (brothers and sisters) and even grandparents may need help and support too.

At Little Grubbs Orchard Foundation for Children with Autism (Gold Coast, Queensland) we have tailored information workshops and in-house training sessions catered for the entire family.


Unquestionable commitment to all our families and business partnerships with dedicated ongoing support, treating all with the highest respect and not just as a number in the process.


We also understand sometimes things may come up unexpectedly that is out of your own control prior to an appointment. Where many other providers require a minimum of +7 days’ notice to avoid a cancellation fee, at LGO, we have implemented a reasonable 48hrs cancellation policy in circumstances if an appointment is unable to be attended for any reason.



Our support therapy clinics have purpose-built therapy rooms, where children attend individual & group therapy sessions in a quiet, distraction-free environment, so more challenging goals can be achieved. The therapy support centres also include:

  • Visuals supports to aid understanding and facilitate expressive communication
  • A multipurpose play area incorporating snack areas
  • A sensory environment that facilitates participation
  • A group room that includes areas for mat time, craft skills and independent work areas
  • Self-care toilets & bathrooms to facilitate the development of self-care skills
  • Parent, Teacher & Educator(s) training rooms.


17 Short Street SOUTHPORT Street View_2.jpgLittle Grubbs Orchard Foundation ABA Therapy Room 4.pngLittle Grubbs Orchard ABA Therapy Room 1.pngLittle Grubbs Orchard Foundation ABA Therapy Room 3.pngLittle Grubbs Orchard Foundation for Children with Autism Therapy Room 2.pngLittle Grubbs Orchard Foundation ABA Therapy Room 5

School Holidays
Therapy Programs

Our experienced therapists run a range of programs to help support our children during the school holidays. The programs are small and in extremely high demand.

We offer a social engagement support program and a cognitive development program during this time. We strive to create our programs for children up to ten years of age due to the high demand.

The programs will be designed with our parents to ensure they are relative and in keeping with the children’s current goals.

Have any questions?

If there are any questions or you are interested in knowing Little Grubbs Orchard more, please do not hesitate to call us. We are always happy to help you!