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Queensland Fire Dept Southport Fire Brigade Visit The Little Grubbs Orchard Autism Clinic Gold Coast

By The Little Grubbs Orchard Foundation® Gold Coast | 22/07/2022

We are excited to announce that Little Grubbs Orchard® Gold Coast received a very special visit from the Queensland Fire Department Southport Fire Brigade (QLD) last month in June.

Many of our children have a strong interest in fire fighters and fire trucks, so this very special learning experience has been a fantastic opportunity to teach them about care and safety for themselves and others when faced with dangerous situations.

The friendly Firemen from Southport Fire Brigade spoke to our children about their fire intervention and awareness program which aims to teach children about how to keep themselves safe in a fire emergency.

IMAGE: Southport Fire Brigade teach our children at Little Grubbs Orchard Gold Coast an important lesson on fire safety.

One of the friendly firemen even dressed in his special uniform for putting out fires. He showed us his special breathing apparatus, along with his hat to protect his head and showed us the material of his clothes, which are specially designed to protect the Fire Fighters from fires. As you can see, all our children had the greatest fun, especially when Fire Fighter John turned the fire trucks flashing lights on.

Accessible fire safety education is so very important and critical for every child, particularly children living with Autism. It is also important for the children to know that there is help within their community and where to access this help.

Little Grubbs Orchard Foundation® would like to take this opportunity to thank the Queensland Fire Department Southport Fire Brigade, for taking the time out of their busy schedule in order to spend it with our children, giving us an amazing experience none of us will ever forget.